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Is Masturbation a Sin?

This is a question we get quite frequently here at Talk to a Pastor, so we decided to provide a scripted answer to some questions we get about masturbation and pornography. No. There is no scripture in the bible that says masturbation is a sin. Occasional masturbation, in and of itself, is not a sin. It is preferable to fornication. Masturbation, like many other things, may not be a sin, but they can lead to […]

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News Flash: Sex was God’s Idea

The way some people act you might think they invented Sex. The way some religious people act you would think that people invented sex and God really didn’t approve, but since it is the only way to get more people, He kind of tolerates it. The truth is GOD INVENTED SEX!  It was God’s idea.  He created the feeling, emotions and even the physical pleasure of sex.  He didn’t create a man and a woman, […]

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