Church Life

Welcome to your Church Life

How often do you attend a religious service?
What type of church do (did) you attend?
Do you think Church is relevant to today's society?
What do you like about church?
What do you dislike about church?
If you could change your church, what would you do different?

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About the author

Dr. Steve Highlander has been a dedicated Christian for forty years and has over thirty-five years of ministry experience, including pastoral ministry and church planting, world missions, prison, and jail ministry, and work with at-risk youth. He is a published author and has been involved with radio, publishing, and Internet Ministries. Currently, Steve is an ordained minister and holds a doctorate in Pastoral Theology and is a Certified Christian Counselor. Steve and His wife Brooke serve as national missionaries in the South Pacific Country of Papua New Guinea. Steve founded Talk to a Pastor in 2002.

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