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Who We Are and Why We Made This Web Site

Who We Are . . .
First and foremost we are a diverse group dedicated Christians from several different churches and ministries.  Some of us are pastors, some are Certified Christian Counselors and some are mature Christians who want to help others in the struggle to find God and God's answers to life's toughest questions.  We are non-denominational.  We are not a part of any larger group, ministry or church.  We do not make money or take collections or donations from this web site.  Jesus told His disciples, "freely have you received, freely give."  It is in this spirit that we have created and maintain this web site.  Every person that is involved in this site has had a personal experience and an ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Nothing to Buy . . .
There is nothing to buy, nothing to join and nothing to prove.  We simply want to help you discover what God wants to do in your life.  Our pastors and spiritual counselors believe in and use the Bible as the basis of all truth.  We believe the Bible and the true message of Christianity is relevant and valid for everyone in all ages and in every culture.  Therefore we believe it can help you.

Why We Created This Web Site . . .
We realize there are millions of people in the world who are honestly looking for answers to life's most difficult problems.  We also realize that many people have been turned off by "church", hurt by some "pastor", or otherwise had a bad spiritual experience.  Other's simply don't know where to turn.  We created this site as a non-threatening way for some of those people to discover what the Bible has to say about life.

Privacy makes the Difference . . .
We have found that the Internet is a great way to interact with others.  Because our web site visitors do not have to sit down face to face with someone, they often feel more comfortable discussing their deepest questions, fears and problems.  We often hear someone say, "I just couldn't talk to my pastor about this."  Other people don't have a pastor they can look to or even trust for spiritual guidance.  Our hope is that this web site meets the needs for many of those people.