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Real Letters and Real Answers
from People Who Have Written Talk To A Pastor

The following are real letters and the actual answers that our team has shared with the people writing in.  We've deleted the names for privacy.

From a  27 year old woman ...
"I have so many questions about faith and the church and I have no idea where to turn anymore. I don't think I can sum everything up briefly ... "  Continue reading and see our answer

From an Agnostic wondering about How a Loving God could throw people in hell and about Demons inhabiting people...

"I have two questions for you. The first I have been asking for years, and received unsatisfactory to downright insulting answers. I desperately need the relationship between an all-loving creator and eternal torture in hell to be resolved. I find it to be a serious mistep in logic for a supposedly logical creator... as well as a morally reprehensable topic for the church to defend. It is my personal belief that there is no hell. However, the church has yet to sufficiently "take the stand" on this grevious issue to defend it. Continue reading and see our answer

From a  14 year old girl ...
"everything just seems to be goin soooooo wrong... like i mean it was goin all good there for a little while and now i feel like god jus hates me right now i feel like crap... all the time...  Continue reading and see our answer

A 24 year old woman asks about getting back together with her ex husband
"I got married when I was 18 to my boyfriend of 2 years, we were engaged but decided to go ahead and get married when we found out I was pregnant. I had a miscarriage a couple of months later and our marriage just seemed to fall apart and we decided to go our on way after being married only a year. Since then 5 years have passed and we have both dated other people and have now found our selves back in love and sure that we just made a mistake, ... Continue reading and see our answer

Concerns About Hell, the Fear of God and How God Works in a Person's Life
"I had a very weird experience in which I saw hell.  It scared me and made me wonder If God was telling I was going to go to hell.  I am scared of of God now.  Will the Holy Spirit do whatever it takes to keep someone out of hell? Continue reading and see our answer

Will God Forgive me?
I love God. I used to be a Christian . I want to serve him again, but I have done so much. Is there hope for me? I am in so much turmoil. I need him but I feel like he is far away from me. Continue reading and see our answer

It seems like God is not with me.
"i have problems in school with being with god or knowing if he is there with me i go to school alone i make good grades and i love church but i want to be all i can be to him but i think that i am doing something wrong because he is not coming and helping me like i think i fell that he is not there  Continue reading and see our answer

From an Atheist.

Dear fundamentalist i noticed you could not answer nor dispute any of my questions for the fact that you cannot argu your petty, deluded religion. That's understandable. I'm not here to sway you out of your beliefs I just hope one day you realize for yourself how ridiculous your beliefs are,and those like you. For the sake of the progress of science and for the sake of mankind as a species. If you ask a free minded thinker theyll tell you, religion is an infectious disease, it's more like a support program for the mentally unstable then anything else. This isn't an attack on you, more of an attack of your beliefs. Continue reading and see our answer