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Questions About Dating, Relationships & Sexuality - INDEX


In this section you will find some questions and answers about Sex, sexuality, dating, relationships and marriage.  Just click on a topic to read the answer.

NEWS FLASH: Sex was God's Idea
The way some people act you might think they invented sex. The truth is GOD INVENTED SEX!  It was God's idea.  He created the feeling, emotions and even the physical pleasure of sex.  He didn't create a man and a woman, leaving the sex part to chance.  His creative purpose was in every aspect of mankind's being. So what does that mean?  It means... Click here to continue reading

Why Do We Make Marriage Vows?  The Marriage Covenant from the Biblical Perspective
Why is marriage important?  Why do we take vows and what is their significance?  Is a "piece of paper" really important?  Does the Bible require marriage?  Does marriage have any benefits to those who choose to engage in it? These are important questions to consider. In almost every culture marriage has two cornerstones: vows and sexual intercourse.  In fact it is both of these that legitimize and legalize a marriage.  Click here to continue reading

God, Marriage and Sex: Is that thing we like to do okay with God?
At some point in their relationship every Christian couple will need to consider and decide what is acceptable to both God, and each other, in terms of sexual activity.  Young Christian couples who are planning to get married and couples who become Christians afterwards often have questions about this important part of their relationship.  Often they are too embarrassed to ask the pastor about such a sensitive subject.   Click here to continue reading

We're Engaged, Why Should We Wait For Sex?
Many unmarried couples who have a sense of morality struggle with the issues of sexuality.  On one hand their upbringing, social consciousness or religious teachings have taught them that sex before marriage is wrong or sinful.  On the other hand they are inundated on a daily basis with sexual images, sexual talk and encouragement from peers to have sex.  Let's face it; we have become a sex saturated society.  This society puts enormous pressure on couples to have sex and even ridicules them for not having sex.  What is the compelling reason for waiting for sex until your wedding night?  Click here to continue reading