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Questions About Faith and the Bible - INDEX

The following are some questions people have asked about God, faith and the Bible.  We've included some answers we give people.

Q. If God is good and loving why would He condemn people to hell and make them suffer for eternity?  Our Answer>>>>

An Answer to an Atheist's Attack ...
Dear fundamentalist i noticed you could not answer nor dispute any of my questions for the fact that you cannot argu your petty, deluded religion. That's understandable. I'm not here to sway you out of your beliefs I just hope one day you realize for yourself how ridiculous your beliefs are, and those like you. For the sake of the progress of science and for the sake of mankind as a species. If you ask a free minded thinker theyll tell you, religion is an infectious disease, it's more like a support program for the mentally unstable then anything else. This isn't an attack on you, more of an attack of your beliefs. Our Reply>>>>

Hasn't Science Disproved God?
Is science and religion at odds? A missionary with a degree in anthropology doesn't think so.  He says, "While we celebrate our Greco-Roman heritage in science and logic, our society has practically ignored the two other schools of study that made the classical period so classical- philosophy and theology. It is these three studies that pursue each aspect of man's curiosity of the universe around him and seek answers to his questions. Not one of these studies is all encompassing; each has its limits to what questions it can ultimately answer, but these three schools of thought all seek one thing - truth."  Read More >>>>