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Real Letters and Answers - Letter One


Real Letters and Real Answers
from People Who Have Written Talk To A Pastor
The name has been changed for privacy.

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From a  14 year old girl ...

"everything just seems to be goin soooooo wrong... like i mean it was goin all good there for a little while and now i feel like god jus hates me right now i feel like crap... all the time... and i jus feel like god is soooooo mad at me and he can never forgive me and i really dont know what to think about god cause so much stuff is goin soo wrong and i jus feel dowm and i really dont want to feel like this i know this probably sounds really stupid comin from a 14 yr old........please HELP ME"

Our Answer ...

Hi Sarah,
It has been a long time.  I am sorry you are hurting. Nothing in your life is stupid.  It is all real and it affects you.  Just know that today is not the end of everything. 

You're 14 and have a lot of living to do.  Things can and will change for you.  Life at 14 is like being on a roller coaster.  You get strapped in and  (like it or not) the thing starts and you are not in control and basically along for the ride it seems.  You go through twists and turns, up hills and down steep drops and through tunnels where it is dark and scary.  At the end the coaster slows rolls to a stop and you get off ... as an adult!  While it seems you have no control, you really do.  The decisions you make and the way you chose to life controls where that roller coaster stops.  By allowing God to help you with those choices you can came out the other side of this thing okay.

First up, you have to get something straight ... God DOES NOT hate you. He loves you, He said He does and He allowed Jesus to die to prove that Love.  Jesus said, "No greater love can any man have for his friend, then that he would die for them." 

So first and foremost you have to settle that issue.  Otherwise you will never let God help you. 

Our relationship with God requires faith and faith is built on trust.  You can not trust God if you think He hates you.  So that is the primary issue in your life right now.

Sarah, God wants to help you, but you also have to let him help you.  You have to do things His way.  I promise you that living for God is not always easy, but look at your life right now, are you really happy?  I didn't think so.  There is no way to be a half-hearted Christian and be happy.  It's either Jesus or the world.  One reason you struggle is because (I think) you still want God on your terms. 

I love you in the Lord Kristin,  I am praying for you.  What I suggest is that you forgive God for what you think is His fault (because it really isn't his fault.)  God can not be bad, he is the personification of GOOD.  It is our perception that is bad.  Then take the restrictions off of God.  Stop telling God what you want Him to do and let Him do what He knows to be best.  In other words, trust Him.  Relax a bit and ask God to reveal Himself to you.  Make it a point to connect with God, not just ask him to do something for you.

I would like to for you to read this article on how God could love the unlovely.  Here is the Link http://www.talktoapastor.com/doesgodtlikeme.htm

Let's pray ...

Dear Jesus, I ask that you reveal yourself to Sarah.  Protect her body, soul and spirit while she is going through this difficult time.  Show her your love for her.  I rebuke satan who lies to her and tells her she is worthless and unlovable.  I ask Jesus that you surround her with real Christians who can help her along the way.  Jesus I commit Sarah into your hands, because I know you love her.   AMEN!

Well Sarah, write back and we'll talk more later.  Just work on trying to yielding to the Lord right now.  That is the place to start.

Pastor Steve