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Real Letters and Answers - Letter Four


Real Letters and Real Answers
from People Who Have Written Talk To A Pastor
The name has been omited for privacy.

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From a  27 year old woman ...

"I have so many questions about faith and the church and I have no idea where to turn anymore. I don't think I can sum everything up briefly, I'm so sorry!"

Our Answer ...

Hi ________,

Thanks for writing Talk to A Pastor. I would be happy to help you sort out some of these issues.

Many people go through a "crisis of faith" at some point in their life.  I want you to know one thing. God is very near at those times.  He is rooting for you to come through in faith. You can and will come out the other side settled and stronger if you will walk with Jesus.

I want you to consider a little illustration.  A hiker gets lost in the mountains.  He wanders looking for the right way, but becomes hopelessly lost; discovering he has wandered in circles; now more confused then ever.  He sits and waits.  At length he hears a noise in the woods and finally a rescue worker bursts into the clearing bringing food, water and medical aid.  The hiker receives the aid. The rescue worker pulls out a compass and says, "okay, let's go home."  But the hikers says, "no that isn't the way I've tried that."  The rescue workers says, "look you're lost, I know where I am and how to get where we want to go, you need to trust me."

So is faith.  The Bible says, "Jesus came to seek and save the lost."  We usually interpret that in terms of salvation only, however I think there is also a sense in which we become "lost in our circumstances."

Right now you are lost in your circumstances.  Trust the Love of Jesus to come looking for you.  In parable Jesus said the good shepherd would leave the 99 "safe" sheep to find the one sheep who had wandered off and gotten lost.  Are you not that sheep?  Jesus knows right where you are at and He knows how to get you home.  Trust Him and relax some.  The way back might have a few twists and turns, but get back you will for sure, if you simply follow the shepherd.

I know you have questions.  God is better then Radio Shack - He has the real answers.

I would be glad to help you sort out the frustrations, doubts fears and hurts that are going on right now.  Please feel free to reply to this e-mail and share whatever is on your heart.

Now a prayer,

Dear Jesus, I bring ______ to you right now.  I ask that you search her out and minister to her. Bring her spiritual nourishment and spiritual healing, bind up her broken heart.  Right now Jesus I ask for you to set angels round about her to protect her body, soul and spirit.  I speak to the spiritual forces arrayed against her, causing fear, doubt and frustration, STOP IT, in Jesus name.  I claim the power of the blood of Jesus as her righteousness and sanctification.  I claim the light of the gospel message to guide her.  I claim the truth that is in Jesus Christ to dispel every lie she has been told Jesus rescue her and bring her home.  AMEN! 

Now _____  add your faith to mine.  Believe that God is big enough to show you the way and strong enough to help you walk in it.

God is not mad at you, He loves you.  He wants to bring you home to faith.

I will continue praying for you.

Pastor Steve