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Real Letters and Answers - Letter One


Real Letters and Real Answers
from People Who Have Written Talk To A Pastor
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A vision of Hell ...

"I had a very weird experience in which I saw hell.  It scared me and made me wonder If God was telling I was going to go to hell.  I am scared of of God now.  Will the Holy Spirit do whatever it takes to keep someone out of hell?"

Our Answer ...

Dear Sister J___,

Thank you for writing Talk to a Pastor.  I would be glad to help you discover what God is doing in your life.

One thing I want you to get an good understanding of right off is that when God communicates with you (dreams, visions, impressions or even verbally) it is ALWAYS because He wants to do something good in your life.  The message may SEEM negative, but the result is guaranteed to be positive if you follow the Lord.

It is not wrong to have a healthy fear of hell.  It is not wrong to have a healthy respect of the one who can send of there.  It is wrong to be afraid of God, if you understand the difference. The Bible says "the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom."  It does not mean the cringing fear a child might have of an abusive father, but rather the respectful obedience a child has for a good father that they know loves them and wants the best for them.  That child obeys out of respect, but also knows that dad will punish them if necessary.  That is the "fear" that God wants from us. 

I've known people who had alcoholic fathers that would run and hide when they heard his car pull in the driveway.  Sometimes these feelings carry over into the spiritual relationship when they begin hearing about "your heavenly father."  The word "father" is not a good one and they assume God is much like their earthly father.  Could this be part of your problem?

Here is a scripture you need to learn and lean on.  "We love Him because He first loved us."  I John 4:19.  In fact I would like for you to read the whole fourth chapter of I John, then go back and read all of I John.  John tells us how much God loves us and what He has done to prove that love.

Now regarding the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the part of God that Interacts with us as humans.  The Bible says, "he that is joined to the Lord is 'one spirit' with the Lord.  God is a "triune being" that is 3 in 1.  There are not three Gods, but one God manifest in three distinct ways.  God created you and me in "his image" according to the book of Genesis.  The way He did that was to create us as a triune being - body, soul and spirit. When Adam sinned something died, for God had told him, the "day you eat of that tree you will surely die."  It wasn't Adam's body or soul that died, so that only leaves the spirit.

Sin and death (physical and spiritual death) was passed on the mankind because of Adam's sin.  That means that while you and I have physical and soulish life we do not have spiritual or eternal life.  When a person accepts Jesus as savior and becomes "born-again" (birth is necessary for manifest life).

God renews or "regenerates" our dead spirit.  Literally His Holy Spirit joins with our human spirit and a divine connection is made and divine power flows into out spirit and starts to impact our body and soul.  This is what people mean when they say to "accept Jesus into your heart."  They are really saying that the divine power of the Holy Spirit is now flowing into you through your human spirit.

The Holy Spirit has a number of ministries including:

  • Convicting us of sin and leading us to God.
  • Teaching us.
  • Bringing God's word to our remembrance
  • Showing us things to come
  • Guiding us
  • Comforting us and more.

Dear sister J___, I'll stop here for now, but to answer your question, YES! The Holy Spirit will do whatever it takes to turn a person to salvation in Jesus, not because God is mad at you, but because God loves you and wants to dwell in you richly.

One last thing I feel the Holy Spirit is prompting me to share with you.  And that is the difference between condemnation and conviction.

Condemnation comes from the devil and is designed to push you away from God.  Conviction comes from the Holy Spirit and is designed to draw you closer to God.  This is how you can tell the source of the guilt you have.

Both condemnation and conviction have a sense of guilt, so that that is NOT the way to tell if it is God or the devil.  The way to tell the difference is by the direction you are being pulled.

For instance you can sin and the Holy Spirit brings conviction and you feel guilty.  The Holy Spirit then says, "Come to your Heavenly Father, ask forgiveness and find peace and power to live for God."  The Devil brings condemnation and it sounds something like this, "You lousy, no good person, how could you ever think you could be a Christian.  See there you go sinning again and again.  You're GUILY, GUILTY, GUILTY and God does not want to talk to you.  In fact God is disgusted with your weakness and laziness, so just don't bother going to God and asking Him to forgive you because he will probably punish you for being so ignorant."

Perhaps that is a bit melodramatic, but we've all had conversations like that in our head.  You see Satan will ALWAYS push you away from God and the Holy Spirit will ALWAYS draw you too God.

If you are experiencing conviction and feel drawn to God then yield, go boldly to God and ask forgiveness and receive it.  If you are feeling condemnation rebuke the devil, flee to God and ask for protection and truth.

If you have never been born again, then ask God to save you and forgive your sins.  Jesus died on the Cross to PAY for your sins.  When you ask in Jesus name, trusting Him to save you and stop trusting yourself to be good enough, God will save you and the Holy Spirit will flow into your life.

If you are already saved, then ask God to pour His Spirit into you more and more.  The Bible says, "If you being evil give good gifts to your children, how much more will God give the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him."

When you ask -believe, when you believe -receive, when you receive- accept and when you accept - live.

Dear Jesus I pray now for J_____.  I ask that you comfort her.  That the purpose of these visions become clear to her.  I rebuke Satan and his schemes to condemn her and distract her from your purposes.  I ask for your protection over her body, soul and spirit.  Lord Jesus pour your Spirit into J___.  Fill her with the hunger to know you as Paul wanted to know you, "in the power of your resurrection and the fellowship of your sufferings."  Now Lord I commit Judy into your hands.  Touch her, heal her broken spirit, set her free from the past that has held her back all her life.  Renew and refresh in Jesus Holy Name.  AMEN!

Well J____, please write back and we'll visit some more.  Be blessed as you learn to Love the Lord.  You can simply reply to this email instead of using the form on the web site.

 Pastor Steve