Life is tough! Bad things happen! Many people, young and old, have questions about the conflicting opinions about God, life, morality, sexuality, the future and more.   If you have some of these questions you are in good company ... with several billion other people on planet earth.  This site is designed to help you find the answers to some of those questions.  We have have a "Frequently Asked Questions" section with answers to some common questions.  We also have some short articles and other resources if you are wanting more information.  Our special feature "Talk To A Pastor" allows you to send your question to one of our web pastors for personal answers to your questions.

This site is for Christians and non-Christians, teens and adults, people who don't know about God, people who are mad at God and people who are not really sure they care one way or the other.  In short, this site is for YOU!

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Click here to read some real E-Mails we received from real people wanting to Talk To A Pastor.  We've changed the names to protect privacy, but the life issues are real and so are our answers.  As you read these email you will discover there are a lot of people out there that are not a lot different from you.  Their circumstances might be different, but their need for God is the same.

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Everyone has questions and issues about life, about God, about heaven and hell and other things.  Use our "Talk To A Pastor" feature to ask a question or just share what's on your heart. Your question is confidential and you will get a sincere, honest and Biblical answers to a sincere and honest questions. CLICK HERE>>>


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