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Church Survey

Church Survey

We WANT Your Opinion!

About 70% of people writing Talk to a Pastor indicate that they don't go to church or only go occasionally.  Many of our web visitors state they are Christians and are seeking spiritual answers to issues in their lives.  We are conducting some research on church attendance trends and would like to know your thoughts about church.  Our Goal is to simply understand and provide better help for those who do not go to church for whatever reason.

Privacy statement: No personally identifiable information is collected here UNLESS you voluntarily provide an E-Mail address at the end of the survey and request contact from one of our pastors.  You will not receive a contact from Talk To a Pastor UNLESS your request it.  We do not maintain an E-Mail list of people contacting us to talk.

How often do you go to church:      
What type or denomination of church do you attend when you go:
Do you consider yourself a Christian?     
Age:  I Am   
Sex: I am Am  

Please take as much room as you need to give us your opinion,
these text boxes expand as you write.

Please tell us why you go OR do not go to church regularly
Please tell us What you like about Church
Please tell us what you don't like about church
Have you ever thought about going to a different type or denomination of church? 
What type of resources could our ministry provide to help you in your spiritual life?

Thank you for you opinion! If you do NOT want a contact please skip the next section and scroll to the bottom to submit your survey.

The following questions DO NOT need to answered and no identifiable information will be collected.  HOWEVER, if you have questions, want more information or would like a contact from one of our pastors please let us know.

Please check all that apply to you

I am :

Interested in more information about becoming a Christian 
Confused about what it means to be a Christian
Needing to talk to someone about issues in my life
Interested in finding a good church, but don't know where to look


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