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What We Believe About God and the Bible


What We Believe

To include everything a person believes would be to reproduce the entire Bible and most of the books that have every been written.  However here are some key Biblical beliefs in non-religious terms.  Reading this will help you understand the basis of God's message to people.  If you have specific questions about what we believe please use our TALK TO A PASTOR form to ask your question.

What we believe about God:
We believe that God created the universe and everything in it.  As its Creator He has a right to govern it as He sees fit.  We also believe that God is perfectly righteous (that he can not be or do evil) and therefore His government of the universe and our lives is perfectly good.

God is Knowable.  This is that He has revealed Himself to his creation in a variety of ways (through nature, through the scriptures and through His son Jesus Christ).  God wants us to know and experience him and has provided a way that we can know him.  God limited the way in which man could come to Him through Jesus Christ. 

God is perfect in every way.  He is all powerful, all knowing, and  ever present.  God declared Himself to be the personification of Love and righteousness.  God is not double minded.  He is not loving one day and mean the next.  God's perfect love is balanced with His perfect righteousness.  That is why he had made a way for our sins to be forgiven.

God has a perfect plan that He has been working out in the world for thousands of years and every man, woman and child can have a part of that plan if they yield to God's love and wisdom.

What we believe about the Bible:
We believe the Bible is God's perfect revelation of Himself to mankind and is without error as originally given to his prophets and apostles.  We believe that if God was big enough to give us the Bible in the first place He is big enough to maintain it's original message and intent.  The Bible is our spiritual food and our love letter from God.  It is the "Manufacture's Handbook" for life on earth.

What we believe about Man:
We believe that was created perfectly sinless, but choose self-will over obedience and as a result brought sin and death into the world.  That sin and death was passed down and inherited by every person alive today.  Today people are born in sin and must purposely repent and turn to God, receiving forgiveness from God Through Jesus Christ. 

What we believe about Jesus Christ:
We believe that Jesus is God.  Before Jesus was born in the flesh nearly 2000 years ago he was already in existence in heaven.  Jesus was born of a virgin and lived a sinless life.  It was because of this that He could die as a substitute for sinful people.  Jesus taught the true way to worship God in spirit and truth.  Being guiltless He died on a roman cross for the truly guilty and was raised from the dead by the power of God as proof of His life and teachings. 

Jesus is alive today and is the savior of the world to every person who will come to Him in genuine repentance and faith. Jesus is coming back to earth one day to rule and reign in person.

What we believe about the Future:
We believe that God has a perfect pan that has been in operation since the creation of the world.  We also believe that there is coming a world-wide battle between good and evil in which everyone on earth will have to choose sides.  Jesus will return in person to bring an end to that battle and judge the living and the dead.  After Jesus reigns on earth for 1000 years, God will destroy this corrupted world and create a new world that is as perfect as his original creation before sin entered in.